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Dive into the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean and visit her unique, miraculous residents. Rediscover the mystical, almost forgot Guanche culture, view the unique fauna and flora and admire the beauty of the stunning landscape. Or walk over the clouds, lose yourself in the beautiful Barranco's innumerable, and unwind on one of the many sun-filled lava beaches. Fauna and flora below sea level the marine life around the Canary Islands is so rich and varied that it is extended to each animal or plant here after. Alone of the fish there are officially more than 570 different species recorded and there are still new species added to the list.
Onderwaterfauna / Underwater fauna
This website is intended to give the public the opportunity to take knowledge of the underwater flora and fauna on the dive sites of Tenerife.

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Aqua-Marina Oro Blanco Local 3 Arquitecto Gómez Cuesta, 12 Playa de las Americas 38660 Arona Tenerife – Spain Phone :(+34) 646 042 368 / (+34) 678 662 670 E-mail: info@aqua-marina.com TenDive C/ Nórdica,2 - Torres del Sol - L4 Arona - (38650) TENERIFE Telephone:: (+34) 922 794 440 Mobile:(+34) 686 892 920 Mobile:(+34) 659 438 498 E-mail: info@tendive.com Aquarius dive center Tenerife (Dutch owner) La Calle Las Lagunetas 2, 38632 Arona, Santa Cruz www.aquarius-divingtenerife.com E-mail: aquarius.diving@gmail.com

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