Dive sites around Tenerife
Onderwaterfauna Tenerife 2016 Versie-3

Dive site: Tabaiba

Onderwaterfauna / Underwater fauna

Depth: max. 45M.

It is located about 12 km from Santa Cruz and about 600 meters from Radazul. It's a dive from shore; it has a parking lot that is not very big (in summers you have to arrive early or there is no place for stations); From this car park you must walk a few meters and we will find two ways to enter the water, by stairs or by the natural pool (this can only be used when the tide is high). At the beginning of the dive we will have a depth of about two meters, then a jump that reaches them, there we will find a tube; following this tube takes us directly to the sunken ship there is (it is a tugboat); this one is about Meters of depth in the lowest part and about 16 in the highest part.Banks of barracudas, nudibranchs, anemones, rays, cuttlefish, octopus and garden eels are often seen. It is an immersion for advanced; The maximum depth can reach up to 45 meters (near the boat) or much more if we move away from it.
Provided by Tendive diving centre.